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Cryolipolysis uses cooling technology that destroys fat cells, resulting in localized fat reduction. Originally developed at Harvard Medical School, Cryolipolysis does not harm skin or muscles, and is a non-invasive relatively comfortable procedure. 

Particularly effective on soft fat in the abdominal area, love handles, back, arms, the body eliminates the fat naturally over time, through your metabolic system. There are no needles, no incisions, and no pain. It is likened to liposuction without the downtime or discomfort! 

The NEW four handle Cryolipolysis machine has large cups with changeable sizes.



One  cup                 $ 350.00

Two cups                $ 440.00

Three cups            $ 540.00

Four cups               $ 590.00

Double Chin         $ 250.00 per cup  ( not everyone is suitable for this treatment)

After you have had your FOUR cup treatment, the price will be reduced to $100 per cup unlimited (you must purchase two at a time )

Treatments are minimum 4 weeks apart in the same cup area.

Even though my machine can do four treatments at a time I will only do three and that is if only I feel you are suitable.  I do not believe in overloading the waste system all at once. I will explain this more at your consultation.

Cavitation or Vel Vacuum

Abdomen approx A4 area 30 mins   $75.00

Abdomen and Sides  60 mins               $165.00

Both legs knee to groin  60 mins        $165.00

Tripolar RF or Vel Vacuum

Abdomen approx A4 area 30 mins         $75.00

Abdomen and Sides  60 mins                     $165.00

Both legs front knee to groin  60 mins $165.00

Cavitation & Tripolar RF or Vacuum VEL RF

Abdomen approx A4 area 60 mins          $150.00

Abdomen and sides allow 120 mins        $280.00

Both legs front knee to groin 120 mins $280.00

Discuss with me at your consultation, for a individual plan on all treatments to suit you, so you can achieve your ideal transformation.
These prices are for package deals with no refunds if you  do not complete  the package treatment.  Consideration  is given  if you cannot continue for health reasons. 


Ideal for cellulite removal, Vacuum Vel RF Roller kneading head breaks down fat and helps eliminates toxins through negative pressure vacuum suction, with the unique design of  far infrared fomenting function reach deep cell tissues in the body, the rotation of the automatic RF roller wheel can let the body fat cells vibrate and generate heat circulation whilst smoothing out the area.

This treatment can be done in between Cryolipolysis sessions to enhance results.

Ultrasonic Cavitation 40Hz

This treatment uses ultrasound to destroy selected fatty tissue cells and turn them into a liquid form which is also discharged through your natural metabolic system. Ultrasonic Cavitation is great for breaking down hard fat in problem areas, that is difficult to shift.

This treatment can be done in between Cryolipolysis sessions to enhance results.

Tripolar RF

 Tripolar RF suitable to help reducing wrinkles on the Face and tightening the skin on the Body. The device can reach the lower layers of the skin which are gently heated to stimulate the collagen  production without damaging the out skin layer.  It can also help with cellulite reduction.  Best results are with 6 to 8 treatments.