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TRY FAT FREEZING! 快来尝试冷冻溶脂疗程吧! LOSE UP TO 26% OF YOUR FAT TISSUE 定位消除脂肪组织达26% NOW YOU CAN REMOVE THOSE BULGES WITHOUT A SINGLE SURGICAL PROCEDURE...and they can stay gone! 现在您可以在没有外科手术的情况下移除这些顽固脂肪细胞......达至修身不反弹! NO Needles 无需针刺 NO Incisions 沒有切口 NO Pain 沒有痛楚 NO Lengthy Discomfort 没有长时间的不适 NO Uncomfortable Bodysuits 穿着紧身衣裤没有任何不适 NO Down Time from Work 沒有停工时间 Why choose Coolit Body Sculpting and not just lose weight and exercise to get rid of the bulges? What's the difference? 为什么选择 Coolit 冷冻溶脂修身疗程,而不仅仅靠节食减肥或通过运动来摆脱顽固脂肪?有什么不同? - Losing weight only reduces the size of the fat cells. Your cells will regain their original size if you return to poor eating habits. So once you have already lost the majority of your weight, this is the perfect time to Coolit Body Sculpt those hard to remove bulge areas such as; love handles, belly bulge and thighs which are all FDA approved areas! - 青春期后人体脂肪细胞数量会维持不变,一般减肥方法只能缩小其体积。要不反弹,必须以减少脂肪细胞数量为目标。 因此,一旦您已减掉了大部分体重,这是利用 Coolit 冷冻溶脂修身疗程去除那些顽固脂肪的最佳时间,例如; 手臂,腹部和大腿都是FDA认可的区域!线条变得明显及紧致,人都更有自信! - Freezing the fat cells actually damages the cells (apoptosis). The body then recognizes the damaged cells and starts the process of elimination. The damaged cells are then discharged through the natural metabolic system and because of this process, you are actually removing some of the fat cells, so that any chance of fat gain is significantly reduced. - 冷冻溶脂以特定低温凝结脂肪细胞,令脂肪细胞自然凋亡,有效减少其数量,达至修身不反弹。脂肪细胞凋亡后经身体代谢自然排出体外,透过这个过程,部分脂肪细胞被移