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About Us

What we can do for you

At COOLIT BODYSCULPT I am focused on providing  bodysculpting services to the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

As the focus is on your body, a personal consultation with you to get achievable results will be our first step. 

I will then design an individual treatment plan to suit you and can also offer a payment plan. 

I will be honest if I cannot meet your expectations, as not every individual body is suitable for some of these treatments. I'm not a miracle worker, but I am an honest and caring person who will be dedicated to helping you achieve your desired shape.


I look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs over a full consultation. 


Why choose us?

My name is Bronwyn Carleton, I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and my passion for face and body led me to bodysculpting.

I have many imperfections of my own and understand how both women and men can feel uncomfortable with this area of their life. We all want to look good and be confident in ourselves, but with today's lifestyle it's not always easy to say no to temptation and stay on track. I am offering a service that can achieve awesome results for YOU.