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Two New Treatments have Arrived at
Coolit Bodysculpt!
Scientifically proved UK treatment Liquid Lipo!
 and the famous  Cryo T Shock! 
Now is the time to START ! For your SUMMER body !

NO Needles

NO Incisions

NO Pain

NO Lengthy Discomfort

NO Uncomfortable Bodysuits

NO Down Time from Work


You often hear people saying... 

“If only I could remove that bulge”

“If I lose too much weight, my face looks gaunt”

“But I don't want to lose my breasts with more weight loss”

“No matter how much I exercise I do, I can't seem to shift that bulge"

Why choose Coolit Body Sculpting and not just lose weight and exercise to get rid of the bulges?  What's the difference?

  • Losing weight only reduces the size of the fat cells.  Your cells will regain their original size if you return to  poor eating habits.  So once you have already lost the majority of your weight, this is the perfect time to Coolit Body Sculpt those hard to remove bulge areas such as; love handles, belly bulge and thighs which are all FDA approved areas! 

  • Freezing the fat cells actually damages the cells (apoptosis). The body then recognises the damaged cells and starts the process of elimination. The damaged cells are then discharged through the natural metabolic system and because of this process,  you are actually removing some of the fat cells, so that any chance of fat gain is significantly reduced.  

  • Sculpting your hard to shift areas with cryolipolysis  is the only answer for your fat pockets.  And with over 1 million cryolipolysis procedures worldwide, this form of non-surgical weight loss has proven to be  safe and effective.